Do you know stone paper?

Stone paper, also known as Shike paper, is a kind of processing paper, which is made of limestone mineral resources with large reserves and wide distribution (calcium carbonate content reaches 70 ~ 80%) as the main source, polymer as the auxiliary material (content is 20 ~ 30%), using the principle of polymer interface chemistry and the characteristics of polymer modification. After special process treatment, it is made by polymer extrusion and blow molding process. It is a kind of processing paper. 

Stone paper has the same writing performance and printing effect as plant fiber paper, and has the core performance of plastic packaging. Stone Paper is a revolutionary new medium whose composition is owed more to stone than organic material. Its production process creates a product which is 100% tree-free, water-free, acid-free, bleach-free and does not produce any waste.

Stone paper consists of the following components only: Calcium carbonate and high density polyethylene. If it is no longer needed, there are various disposal options. Stone paper begins to dissolve under constant sunlight after a few months. After about a year it will be dissolved in dust completely – similar to eggshells. Stone paper can also be burnt without creating toxic gases. For this reason, it is particularly suitable for the typical consumer product carrier bags.

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